Why is it a certainty that your countries economy will implode?

Because all economies MUST grow in order to continue to be profitable, thus keeping the people within the economy happy and prosperous.

As a good example in 2009 the world economy shrank by 2% and it was a complete disaster. If you really think through the implications of an economy that must grow in order to not experience disaster, it is a really scary thought.

What we are talking about here ultimately is unlimited exponential growth, which is the kind of growth we are surrounded by. Exponential growth by definition looks like a hockey stick chart; it starts out slow and shoots up all of a sudden.

The reason I wanted to explain this, is because as humans we generally do not understand exponential growth intuitively, in fact we don’t really get it, it really is hard for us to understand. On the other hand linear growth we get easily, so here is an example…

If I gave you two erasers and I told you that I was going to score you on how well you are able to bring them together at a uniform rate, you will do really well, but if I replace the erasers with two very strong magnets you will do what everybody does, you will be really good at it up to a point and then BAM the magnets will pull your hands together at an exponential rate until they collide, in other words you lose control over the pace at which they travel.

So if things feel like they are going faster today then they was a few years ago, it is because they are…

This is just the reality of the world that we live in, it is far removed from the world our parents and even our grandparents were used to, but at some point, especially in the financial markets, it has to come to a grinding halt just like when our two magnets collide.

Now by understanding that the world is now, when defined by exponential charts, getting faster and faster, it should help you to understand more about how to invest your money correctly, especially once you can understand the exponential impact that the rate of energy use has on our economy.

Now since we all know that energy use is going to increase, and thus the expense for this energy is also going to increase, it leads us to one more question, where are we as individuals going to find the money we need to pay for this?

Will it be increased wages when companies are laying off more workers than ever before in history.

Will it be by investing in the stock market where many people are losing money every day or are barely able to break even over a 10 year period, accounting for inflation.

Will it be through winning a lottery?

Or will it be by investing your hard earned cash today into something that right now and for the last 5000 years has protected peoples buying power into the future…

I say the best option that you have is the last option and that option my friends is by investing in the precious metals, in particular physical Gold and Silver.

Don’t wait any longer to get started on protecting yourself and that of your families, begin today and invest your money wisely into the only commodity that will guarantee that you can survive the exponential costs associated with your future…