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A lot has happened over the years in the global economics and in politics. The unstable global economic climate and the economic upheavals throughout the world have put a lot of investors on edge. Hedge Funders are doing what they always do in times like these – bet on gold. This year gold advanced by 11% and according to analysts the gold bull market is set to run for a while longer. Investors aren’t just betting on gold futures, but they are buying gold through exchange-traded funds (ETFs). According to economics, the weakening dollar and the uncertainty are the major drivers for investors to look for a safe haven. Gold has always been an economic safe haven in times of extreme turmoil. A lot has driven market uncertainty. American politics have become a big driver and tensions with North Korea as well as the unending crises in the Middle East.

America isn’t the only gold market driver, though. There is still a lot of uncertainty about the U.K’s economy post Brexit. The terrorist attacks of French soil have also strained the European economy and the rise of right-wing politics added to the tension that already existed. Economists expected more investors to pour money into gold and it seems that gold is following this expected pattern.

In May, gold prices advanced by 0.05% coming in at $1,268.92 an ounce by the end of May. This might not look like much, but it is reinforcing the idea that regardless of what happens, gold always comes up tops. The last time, gold reached this point was over six years ago. However, safe haven buying was a great factor in the surge in gold prices, especially over the last couple of months. Investors are nervous about President Trump’s economic policies, rumors of Russian meddling in the last elections, wars and other political tensions across the globe.

May 17 was a particularly big day for gold. The spot gold price rose by an entire 2% in reaction to reports of President Trump’s interference in the Russian meddling investigation. This is shaping up to look like another Watergate creating a lot of uncertainty in the markets.

The price has also been pushed by the dwindling supplies. The global demand rose by 9% in the first quarter, but the biggest producers of gold in the World; China and Australia were reporting sharp declines in mine outputs. The dollar also had a rough time, falling by nearly 2.1% in May. A weak dollar pushes the price of gold up. The U.S Federal Reserve has been putting in measures to normalize the interest rates and thereby strengthening the dollar.

Although, economic analysts like to believe they can predict the future, nothing is ever certain in stock markets and commodity trading. However, there is no denying that gold has followed a predictable trajectory since the beginning of the year. It still remains the best bet for anyone who wants to protect or build wealth.