The Creature in question here is the Federal Reserve Banking System

So what is the Federal Reserve System?

The answer may surprise you as it is not federal and there are no reserves. Furthermore, the Federal Reserve banks are not even banks, not in the sense that we as individuals know banks.

The Federal Reserve System is a Privately Owned Cartel of Banks that has been in operation and control of the money supply since 1913 and is still in control now, it is really the root of all the evil we are facing right now.

Nothing happens in our world today without money and you can buy an awful lot of mischief if you make the money. Today the mischief makers is the Federal Reserve, basically what we are dealing with in the Federal Reserve System is a Cartel of Banks and the owners of these banks are by proxy in control of the system, the economy, the government, the media and have literally been able to acquire control because of their ability to create money, control who gets it and at what interest rate.

Money is the ultimate weapon and the ultimate leverage of power against individuals, businesses and governments alike, which require the money to fulfil a need. Everything that happens today can be traced indirectly and in some cases directly back to this Banking Cartel.

Hopefully by now you have woken up to the FACT that sound money, real money, money that can’t be inflated away like silver and gold, is at the apex of where liberty and the constitution meet. There is no question that great minds of the past understood the role of money and the danger of giving the power of money creation to anybody and certainly not their elected representatives. The constitution was written to prohibit the issuance of Fiat money, which is money without the backing of gold and silver and is a testimony to the fact that no government, state or federal, or even a private group of people, such as the case with the Federal Reserve, should have the power and control or the money supply.

It is a fact that when governments issue money they do not give you a choice as to whether you want to except or make payments with their money, you do not get a choice as to whether you want to use it or reject it, you are forced to do so as they create legal tender laws and they require you to accept that money as payment for all debt public and private or else you may go to jail.

This is a definite moral issue too as in theory having a fiat currency is not necessarily the end of the world if you have an honourable government and that you can trust your elected representatives. But let’s face the facts here, the statement of having an honourable government is an oxymoron as there is, never has been and never will be, any such thing as an honourable government. Governments always deteriorate into some form of a criminal syndicate because their mission as the name implies is to govern. When you have a group of people who are governing another group of people it ultimately degenerates into a criminal syndicate.

The best way financially to protect yourself from these Banking Cartels and Criminal Syndicates is to stop playing their game of FIAT Currency manipulation and to be the holder or real, non-inflationary, can’t be printed out of thin air, constitutional money like gold and silver.