Silver once again is outperforming gold at the end of the week, barely down despite Friday’s gold “walk-down.” I cannot over-emphasize the importance of silver recapturing its 200 DMA after five months below it, and if the Cartel can’t turn the tide quickly, which with all the overt and covert money printing happening in just about all the world’s central banks to keep their game alive, I foresee a powerful run into the $40 an ounce spot price very soon. Remember though that this means the physical price to take delivery of just 1 Ounce of Physical Silver will be around the $45 to $50 range by then.

Silver Outperforming Gold Yet Again

Please note that in both the November 2010 – May 2011 rally, and the current one starting last month, the initial, catalyzing event (coincidence or NOT) was a major offering by Eric Sprott’s PSLV silver trust. Just a 350 million U.S dollar bullion order tightened the market enough to drive silver up $6oz higher in a month, just as the 575 million dollar U.S order in November 2010 (just days before “D-DAY”, coincidence or NOT) catalyzed a run from $25/oz to $50/oz six months later. And speaking of Eric Sprott, here’s is his latest commentary.

Eric Sprott On Unintended Consequences

As for the G20, it’s too bad these buffoons don’t understand the concept of DIMINISHING RETURNS on debt (or market intervention, for that matter), per the chart below depicting miniscule U.S. GDP growth compared to debt creation. Of course, these are the massively cooked GDP numbers utilizing understated price inflators. If actual inflation was incorporated into the U.S.A GDP numbers – per John Williams of Shadowstats‘ calculations – GDP growth was NEGATIVE in the U.S.A for at least the past three years!

2 Silver Outperforming Gold Yet Again

It’s only a matter of time before the PPT’s market grip is loosened, and subsequently the ENTIRE world realizes America’s financial situation is the WORST ON EARTH, with the only difference between Greece and the United States of Debt being the U.S.’ ability to hold the world hostage with its “reserve currency printing press.” In due time – VERY LITTLE TIME, I might add – the entire global debt edifice will come crashing down, led by the financial criminals-in-chief.

3 Silver Outperforming Gold Yet Again

Speaking of the derivative crime lords, how about this news, of a fraud encompassing $15 trillion of PRINTED MONEY and 750,000 tonnes of gold, perpetrated by none other than the U.S. and UK? And look who is exposing it, the so-called “Lords” of Britain. Good for them; exposing this fraud – if their investigation ever gets traction – it would be the ONLY material contribution to society these “Lords” have made in the past millennia.

$15,000,000,000,000 FRAUD EXPOSED in UK House of Lords

Yes, the European “warlords” and slavers have spent centuries exploiting the world, only to give up their leadership of the global racketeering business to the U.S. after Germany decimated them in two World Wars. Criminal corporatocracy – i.e. fascism – has been around as long as man has existed, with the only thing changing being who’s in charge.

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