Silver Dollar Economy

The criminal bankers are up against a tide of legal battles in the sovereign country of Iceland as the Icelandic Government and the lead Icelandic prosecutor takes to the task of railing in the men behind the world criminal banking system.

Within the last few weeks the criminal banking cartels have supposedly aided in the bail out of the sovereign county of Ireland, but with this bailout has come drastic consequences for the Irish people including a 12% cut in wages, a 4% decrease in Social Security payments and the lowering of the amount of money an individual can earn before they are required to pay taxes on this income.

Parliamentarian Thor Saari talks with Max Keiser from the infamous Crash JP Morgan campaign about the differences between what Iceland did to help stabilize their country when the banks in their country were going broke due to their criminal activities.

Thor Saariy gives a detailed insight into the difference between the Icelandic banking collapse and the Irish banking collapse where the Icelandic banks that had accumulated their own bad debt through fraudulent means were left out in the cold to perish while moving all of Iceland’s real assets into new banks controlled by the Icelandic government.

During the prosecution phase the Icelandic government intends to track down and retrieve as mush of the ill-gotten gains that the criminal bakers had taken, but do not hold out much hope that any of the money or assets will be returned to the population of Iceland even if anything is recovered, but say that this is highly unlikely at this point in time due to the scandalous nature in which these bankers hide and transfer these assets and cash sums into other institution and sell off practices that anything is likely to actually be found.

So it just goes to show that unless you have your hands on physical assets like Silver Bullion you have no chance of making it out of the world’s wide recession that is coming when the rest of the world criminal banking cartels begin to fall.