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Where Not To Be When… The Dollar Collapses
There is no doubt that speculative dollars have been flowing into the silver market. We note that in April record trading volumes were registered in the SLV, Comex futures, LBMA transfers, and the Shanghai Gold Exchange futures. In fact, converting the average daily trading volume in the aforementioned silver instruments to the amount of ounces of silver they are supposed ...more»
Paper to Physical Silver Ratio as High as 500:1
We have been super-bullish on silver this year. The silver market is very volatile and has earned the nickname “the mule.” Silver does not behave in a predictable fashion. It often disappoints. But if you have the patience and mindset to ride the ups and downs, it will reward you handsomely. Short-term, the silver market is controlled by JPMorgan and HSBC ...more»
Bonds, Defaults and Economic Tyranny
Have you met Uncle Sam? Well just like you he has bills to pay and at this point it is just over 14Trillion dollars every year. Like many of us it is not the amount of bills that we have to pay that is the issue but rather the amount of income that we generate to pay for such bills. At this ...more»
Silver Bullion, Hyperinflation and a Debauched Currency
So what exactly is a debauched currency, how is it related to hyperinflation and where does Silver Bullion lie in this equation? First of all let’s look at what a debauched currency is. Basically a currency and this goes for any paper fiat currency is debauched by the continuous printing of the currency without any real assets to back it. Thus ...more»
The Creature from Jekyll Island
The Creature in question here is the Federal Reserve Banking System So what is the Federal Reserve System? The answer may surprise you as it is not federal and there are no reserves. Furthermore, the Federal Reserve banks are not even banks, not in the sense that we as individuals know banks. The Federal Reserve System is a Privately Owned Cartel of Banks ...more»
What Is The Target Price For Silver Bullion
John Embry – Chief Investment Strategist at the Canadian firm Sprott Asset Management – discusses the recent correction in the silver price with James Turk. John argues that long-term investors and savers of the physical metals silver and gold should not panic in the face of the downward trends that these markets will see from time to time and in fact ...more»
Is Now the Time to Get Out of the USA?
It is quite shocking how quickly the tyranny is unfolding in the United States but also elsewhere around the world as individual liberties and personal property rights are being removed from the common man by their governments essentially turning the places that we live into police states. Unfortunately this type of tyrannical oppression is now to be expected from the court ...more»
What Is My House Worth In Silver Bullion?
First things first you need to understand that cash is not king and should not be used to value assets. The best way to value assets is to use a universal store of wealth and real money such as silver and gold. One of the best ways to start your analysis is to check out the DOW/GOLD Ratio which will give you ...more»
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