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Gold Keeps Losing By the End of the Trading Week
Trump’s victory has unleashed an unexpected rally for the U.S. Dollar, mainly stimulated by the great possibility of the FED raising the interest rate. As usual, there are no clear announcements of this happening during this December but seems like most investors feel quite sure about it. On Friday, gold prices went down to 9-1/2 month lows, which is something that ...more»
Is The Gold Market Based On An Illusion?
We all know that there is more than we can see when it comes to the financial markets. It’s hard to know everything, which is one of the many causes of people losing their money when they invest in one instrument or another. Also, there are too many interests focused on making us invest our money in the system. This isn’t ...more»
August 17th, 2016: What is Going on within the Mining Sector?
Big names in the media business like Investopedia are pushing investors forward to trust in some mining stocks that are performing surprisingly well these days. While this could be a product of the gold bullish market, mining companies seem like they have their own reasons to have a great time financially. The mining sector had difficult times during the past few years. ...more»
Gold is to remain Status Quo
Although many believe that gold prices will bounce back soon, it seems like the pressure the greenback is exerting on the shiny yellow metal will prove otherwise. Despite the current buying spree gold bugs are on, the impending rate hikes by the Feds are keeping the prices of gold status quo and as a matter of fact has been actually ...more»
Facts about Gold Mining
Mining for gold is an enterprise that has been going on for thousands of years and currently gold mining operations take place on every continent on the planet with the exception of Antarctica. The social and economic impacts are sizeable in the sense that the direct contributions that stem from the mining industry account for more than 80 Billion dollars ...more»
Is the New Growth Policy Really New?
It has become common knowledge that the US debts to domestic growth ratios are at present the highest after the end of the Second World War without even including contingent liabilities that would push the ratios even higher if at all entitlements are to be considered as debts, which in most case scenarios are considered as such. Although one may ...more»
Gold and Silver to the Rescue
Concerns about another financial or economic breakdown is on the horizon and most people are in the dark about what they should do with their savings as paper money is notorious for losing value or purchasing power. This is largely due to inflationary pressure that is often absorbed by paper money to balance the scales and remedy economic fractures. So ...more»
Selling Silver / The true value of silver
For those of you who have silver that you need to offer or exchange for money. Be that as it may, we encourage you to be cautious as there are a considerable measure of unworthy and untrustworthy silver and gold merchants that can’t be trusted when you direct silver business with them. Gold exchanging organizations are exceptionally specific about exchanging silver for ...more»
Gold, that barbarous relic
As John Maynard Keynes put it "Gold, that barbarous relic", however regardless of what he thought about the shiny yellow metal what is important is that the precious metal has had a terrific run over the last 100 years. In the last decade while stocks dropped into oblivion the price of gold quadrupled and since the attraction towards gold bullion ...more»
The Bullion Dimension
What is bullion? How did bullion come into existence? What purpose does it serve? These are questions that many people ask when they come across the term bullion either consciously or subconsciously and there is only one suitable answer to all three questions, bullion is basically ‘real money’. Gold has been regarded as precious for eons and even with all ...more»
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