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The Rise Of Silver In 2019
Leading economic analysts have been predicting the rise of silver prices in 2019. The expectation is for the Gold/Silver ratio to go lower as silver outperforms the yellow metal. The demand for silver to be used in industrial applications is also expected to grow. The demand for silver has been growing for five consecutive years and silver miners now have to ...more»
Will Central Banks Drive Us Back To A Gold Standard
Investing in gold or any precious metals like silver has always been seen as a political and a pre-emptive move to in struggling economies. Gold is eternal, it is the one commodity that holds its value and it is for this reason that people still prefer investing in the yellow metal market than in anything else.   However, buying gold shows a ...more»
What is the Gold-to-Silver Ratio and what does it mean?
Experienced investors use gold-to-silver to determine the right time to buy and sell gold or silver. There are other factors like economic uncertainty, debt, inflation. These are used to e encourage potential investors to put their money in gold and silver. For the small scale investor, it might be hard to get an accurate read on all these factors, zeroing ...more»
China’s Gold Mining Industry In A Slump
China's gold mining industry has grown to be the greatest in the world. The country overtook South Africa as the largest producer of gold and it has held on to that position for over 11 years. In 2017 China produced 426.14 tons which is more than 13% of the gold produced globally. The country has also identified 13,195.60 tonnes of ...more»
Germany’s New Love Affair With Gold
One hundred Euro gold coin from Germany When the economy turns tough and no one knows for certain what the future holds, then the most prudent thing to do with your money is to invest it in gold. A lot of. Countries are catching on to this, but Germany in particular has spent the most acquiring gold. According to a ...more»
The Longest Winning Streak For Gold Since 2010
Forex candlestick pattern. Trading chart concept. Financial market chart. Gold symbol. 3D rendering A lot has happened over the years in the global economics and in politics. The unstable global economic climate and the economic upheavals throughout the world have put a lot of investors on edge. Hedge Funders are doing what they always do in times like these – ...more»
Traditional Seasons for Gold Jewellery Demand May Be Changing
It’s true that most traditions do not change. But what does change is the behaviour of the customers out there. With the modern information technologies that we have today, it’s hard for an investor or general consumer to not research online before putting his or her money somewhere. This may be happening in India, where the traditional seasons that triggered gold ...more»