Silver Dollar Economy

Buying Physical Silver Bullion
Is it All A Con?

So let’s get started with another Silver Bullion update.

For our new friends Physical Silver is a tremendously undervalued asset in a world now smothering in fiat paper currencies, Gold is great too but Silver Bullion is truly remarkable both for its industrial uses and heavy industrial demand and because it is now in the process of returning to its 5000 year role as real money.

So What Is Fiat Currency?

First of all let’s get some perspective.

The US Dollar is no longer backed by Gold or Silver and the Federal Reserve was given the right to print dollars out of thin air in 1913 and then loaned that money back to the treasury at interest, simple enough right!

Well here’s the facts:

The current official US Debt is 14 Trillion Dollars, which makes the USA a debtor nation of ill repute. In fact the USA is now the largest debtor nation in the history of the world and that 14 Trillion Dollars is the official number.

The actual debt including unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare is much, much higher between 50 to 100 Trillion dollars and by some accounts as high as 200 Trillion.

Goldman Sachs is even out with a report that Bernanke is going to print another 1 Trillion additional dollars over the next 12 months. 1 Trillion dollars is more than 10% of the M2 money supply and that is going to be highly inflationary.

But to keep perspective let’s just tackle that 14 Trillion Dollars.

If we were to rewind time to the year 1AD and we told the Federal Reserve to print a crisp $100 note every single second, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it would take the Fed 4,439 years to print 14 Trillion Dollars!

Starting to get the picture?

So Why Physical Silver You Ask?

Well we have a bunch of other videos that you can watch using the menu on the right, but suffice to say it was admitted that the CFTC hearings back in March 2010 that the mega banks like JP Morgan treat Gold and Silver like Bonds and T-Bills, which is to say like paper assets and a guy called Jeff Christian laid it all out in plain English.

Precious metals are financial assets and like currencies, T-Bills and T-Bonds they trade in a multiple of a hundred times the underlying physical.

Jeff Christian CFTC Hearings March 2010

So there you have the FACT.

For every 1 ounce of Physical Silver in the vaults there is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100 paper Silver Ounces in some poor schumks account.

This is why you need the Physical Bullion Bars or Coins and NOT the paper.