Gold and Silver to the Rescue
Concerns about another financial or economic breakdown is on the horizon and most people are in the dark about what they should do with their savings as paper money is notorious for losing value or purchasing power. This is largely due to inflationary pressure that is often absorbed by paper money to balance the scales and remedy economic fractures. So ...more»
Selling Silver / The true value of silver
For those of you who have silver that you need to offer or exchange for money. Be that as it may, we encourage you to be cautious as there are a considerable measure of unworthy and untrustworthy silver and gold merchants that can’t be trusted when you direct silver business with them. Gold exchanging organizations are exceptionally specific about exchanging silver for ...more»
Gold, that barbarous relic
As John Maynard Keynes put it "Gold, that barbarous relic", however regardless of what he thought about the shiny yellow metal what is important is that the precious metal has had a terrific run over the last 100 years. In the last decade while stocks dropped into oblivion the price of gold quadrupled and since the attraction towards gold bullion ...more»
The Bullion Dimension
What is bullion? How did bullion come into existence? What purpose does it serve? These are questions that many people ask when they come across the term bullion either consciously or subconsciously and there is only one suitable answer to all three questions, bullion is basically ‘real money’. Gold has been regarded as precious for eons and even with all ...more»
Panic At The Markets: Why You Should Keep Your Gold Investments!
A lot is happening in the gold business. Prices are getting low and everybody is losing interest in the precious metal. Demand has dropped in the past few weeks. Despite the worldwide financial crises, gold hadn’t the chance to recovery. The productive industry is hurt too. Enterprises are evolving now to survive. The investors have now the duty of analyse a ...more»
Panic at markets and China’s reserves revelations
Things are still complicated for the markets. A quick run down of the last few weeks, the financial world has turned upside down in China, the Greek crisis is disturbing the gold trade while investors flock to stocks, the Canadian mining stocks are suffering and the industry showed one of the biggest losses among several mining businesses. China’s revelation on ...more»
China’s golden stash and the future of the US Dollar
The US dollar is currently the world’s reserve currency based on it’s exceedingly high ‘reported’ gold reserves. Gold has been a traditional correlation between its value (in reserve) and the strength of currencies in general. The current global trades are conducted in USD due to the ‘gold backing’ that the US has, which is among the currencies in the IMFs ...more»
Why Australia’s Mining and Banking system is about to fall off its own fiscal cliff
Australia’s miracle economy is fast diminishing, the recovery of the USD in comparison is a glimpse into the state of country’s current economic situation. China has been indirectly supporting Australias economy since the GFC with iron ore supply from the main two mining companies down under. Little else in the Australian economy is growing, and while most business is making ...more»
Introduction To Gold : Troy Ounces, Ounces, Carat and Fineness.
In most situations, when people mention the weight of gold in ounces, they are referring to troy ounces which are not the same as the standard ounces of weight. Troy ounces are specifically used to measure the weights of precious metals in particular (gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and etcetera) whereas goods such as sugar and coffee are measured in standard ounces. Now ...more»
The Physical Precious Metals Crises Table
Let’s just put some closure to the “LEAP DAY VIOLATION and with it any remaining pretense that GOVERNMENT SUPPRESSION is not the most important aspect in the fraudulent PAPER gold and silver markets. As far as attack intensity goes, does anyone remember the below article from a few trading days before the “LEAP DAY VIOLATION”  describing how the Cartel UNSUCCESSFULLY attempted ...more»
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