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Silver Outperforming Gold Yet Again
Silver once again is outperforming gold at the end of the week, barely down despite Friday’s gold “walk-down.” I cannot over-emphasize the importance of silver recapturing its 200 DMA after five months below it, and if the Cartel can’t turn the tide quickly, which with all the overt and covert money printing happening in just about all the world’s central ...more»
Why Silver Bullion May Go as High As $5000 an Ounce
I want to take advantage of the “relative peace” to hammer home one of the MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT THEMES OF OUR LIFETIME. I spend 99% of my time writing about the need to think defensively, i.e. not of increasing one’s wealth but protecting it – although owning PHYSICAL gold and silver will certainly achieve both targets. However, I still have two ...more»