The Silver Dollar Economy is a way for you to take your hard earned devaluing currency and turn it into something of tangible real world value that will appreciate over time.

Current economic circumstances are seeing the dollar value of many of the world’s largest and strongest economies being desecrated and devalued to a point where the currency itself will soon be worth less than the paper that it is printed on.

With the average GDP (Gross Domestic Profit) of many countries also faltering it is only a matter of time, and not so far away, that many countries will default on the loans that they took during 2008 – 2009 for their economic stimulus packages and bailouts.

So What Is The Result Of All This Going To Be?

Many people are already looking at the default rate on personal loans, houses, cars and more but are failing to see the bigger picture believing that if they can get or keep a job they will be fine.

This is a false hope to be clinging too.

If you really take a look around you will see that businesses are failing just as fast as job losses.

So what does this indicate?

Fewer jobs and more people clambering to get on to government assistance, and no-one is really thinking about where all the money for this is supposed to be coming from.

Governments around the world derive their GDP from taxes on both the individual and businesses in general. It is these taxes as many know that pay for government assistance programs, but when these taxes start drying up, and they will, where is all the money going to come from?

When the panic sets in and people finally realise that the governments of the world are going to be more interested in self-preservation, instead of looking after the masses, where do you think you are going to be? Jobless? Homeless? No chance of getting money out of the banks?

Just like in the 1930’s depression era, people will rush to take out whatever money they have from the banks before the currency is completely devalued, if the banks allow it, and many will end up with a whole lot less than what they had saved, if they had any savings to begin with.

If you think you will be ok by investing in stocks, bonds, superannuation or the classic 401k then you are missing the whole point. All these investments are based on the consumer driving productivity for companies to turn a profit and to pay you one in like.

With business faltering, consumer spending decreasing at a rapid rate and the devaluation of many world currencies, the only way to protect your money is to be the holder of gold or silver.

We all know that the worse the world economy gets the more valuable gold and silver becomes, but gold is a heck of a lot more expensive to buy than silver. Silver Bullion and Silver Coins are already seen as a real currency alternative, being used the world over as a substitute for the current currency in many countries.

The Silver Dollar Economy is fast approaching and it is wise to begin to invest and trade your current currency in for Silver Bullion and Silver Dollars before the bottom falls out of your national currency completely.